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Angle Shooting

When it comes to angle shooting, most people are confused about the bullet path when shooting uphill or downhill.

The angled side of a right angle triangle is always the longest side. This is the path that the bullet takes. Gravity only works on the horizontal component, which is shorter than the bullet's path. Since gravity is what causes a bullet to drop, you have to aim as if the target is closer to you than it really is, which means that you aim lower than you normally would. This applies to both up hill and down hill shooting.


The ram is really 400 yards away, but gravity only has 346.4 yards to work. Our KOC reticles compensate for this accordingly and accurately.



The first circle above the center of the reticle is for 30* ( degree ) angle

The second circle above the center of the reticle is for 60* (degree) angle


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