King Scent Cover



​List Price $8.99

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients and is safe for humans, the
environment, and wildlife.

Many manufacturers have flooded the market with all kinds of different scents and attractants. Some of them work and some of them do not. Some are dangerous to human health, and others can spread disease to other animals. In the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Department of Natural Resources had prohibited the use of some scent products due to the above facts.

Our research mission was to produce a cover scent formula with natural
ingredients that is not harmful to humans, the environment, or wildlife.

After several years of testing our formula in natural wildlife habitats, we are 100% positive as those people who use it (biologists, outfitters, hunters, wildlife photographers, etc.) that we have accomplished our mission.

The ingredients for our scent cover are formulated from 100% natural plants with no chemicals, urine bacteria, or additives. It can be used on human skin, clothing, and on all hunting equipment.


It smells like the woods and is the same smell that wild animals smell every day in their own natural habitats.

We believe that it makes sense to use our scents.

Gun and bow lubricants are also available using the same natural formula smell. Due to our high demand for these products we have discovered that many consumers are also using this product to bring the natural smell into their homes throughout the year.