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Highlander III Long Range Series Riflescope 



Model KOC-HS3


​The most innovative riflescope ever created by  an optical company with spiral body and our new KOC III Reticle.

For military, police, target shooters, and  hunters, this state of the art telescopic instrument is engineered to be adaptable to all rifles and calibers.

The new KOC III  Reticle feature a built-in rangefinder  without  any batteries or other electronic devices needed to determine the range of your target.

It can be compensate wind and angle shooting.

The BDC can be adjusted manually with our specially designed adjustable Tactical  locking  turrets. The micrometer  windage and elevation  dials can be repositioned to Zero and locks when adjustment is completed.

No  other turrets are required for different calibers, as long the shooter is familiar with the ballistics of the caliber is using.

​The center of the KOC III reticle is always the point aim​. No BDC line No confusions.

 It is fast and easy to use.

We make our scopes different


The Highlander III is also available with the KOC II Reticle, a Bulid in Range finder and BDC up to 800yds ( see image  of the KOC II reticle on the right )




We offer a Life Time Warranty  over the counter on all King Optics riflescopes

For more information please  Contact us at or call us at
Tel. 902-733-3244 

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