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KOC Reticle II

Our KOC I and KOC II reticles are the most technologically advanced, state of the art riflescope reticles ever created.

King Optics long range reticle KOC II is designed and engineered to precisely calculate trajectory, range find, compensate wind speed and angle position. All factors for long range shooting were considered and applied to ensure long range accuracy.All calculations are based on the speed of the bullet.

       Caliber and bullet weight = Speed

No calculations needed. No turrets to turn or estimate distances.  Just AIM and SHOOT.
























For security reasons, all the calculations shown in this blueprint have been modified





The KOC 1 and KOC II Long Range reticles are calibrated for the following calibers: 2506 (100g), 270W (130g), 280Rem (140g), 270WSM (150g), 270 Wby mag (150g), 300WM (180g), 300 WSM (180g), 300 Rem Ultra (200g), 300 Wby mag (180g),338 Rem. Ultra (225g), 338 Lapua mag (250g), 7mm Mag (150g). Velocity in feet per second must be within (2950fps to 3200fps).


1) Mount your riflescope with proper rings and bases. (Make sure all hardware are tight and secured.) Riflescope must be positioned close to the rifle barrel.
2) Bore Sight your riflescope.
3) Place your target at 25 yards.
4) Set your scope at the lowest magnification power at 3.5X
5) Fire your rifle from a bench rest.
6) Fire 3 shots on the target. If your 3 shots are not in the center of your target adjust your scope until your 3 shots are placed in the center of the target (allow your rifle barrel to cool off between shots).
7) After you have sighted your riflescope succesfully at 25 yards, place your target at 200 yards to do the final adjustments.

For a target of 200yds or less, your point of aim is the center of your reticle.

For the scope to accurately read the distance and adjust bullet trajectory accordingly for targets over 200yds, your scope must be set at 6x magnification power. Set your scope to 6x magnification power to zero in your scope at 200yds.


Point riflescope and match range finding circle with your target . Each range finding circle is designed to cover a target of 18" (inches). Range finding circles are located on the left side of the reticle. The point of aim is on the center of the reticle.

For example: With a deer, size target the range find point which will fit inside the circle is the body of the deer. See diagrams below.

For larger size animal (moose, elk, etc.) the range find part of the animal is the neck.

Once the range is determined go to the point of aim and shoot. For example, if the deer range is 400 yds, go on the center of the reticle place the deer on the 400yds line and shoot (see Diagram B).

The KOC II reticle automatically adjusts the trajectory. No electronic devices are used in our Highlander 1 or Highlander II riflescopes.

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