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Binoculars Rangefinder in one unit

Upcoming NEW Tactical Riflescope
Highlander MP4 Series
One piece monotube Spiral 30mm Body 
Adjustable MOA Locking Turrets 
100 MOA  Illuminating Reticle 
Manual Rangefinder circles
up to 800 yards for quick shots
All our Optics are field tested for 1 year prior to Sales
Available NOW   8x42mm
Binoculars with Laser Rangefinder as one unit 

List Price $2,195cd

King Optics LRF 1800 Long Range   state-of -the-art binoculars -rangefinder  offer the latest laser range measuring  technologies available today.
This telescopic instrument is measuring distance from 5 meters up to 1800meters.
           MORE THANMILE
Fully adjustable eye caps 
Fully multi coated lenses
Quick Measure Distance



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