Riflescopes come in several sizes and a wide range of magnification. It is relatively easy to separate good riflescopes, which will perform well and provide dependable service, from the bargain-price scopes.

Simply put, you cannot get quality , fully multi-coated lenses or a durably constructed scope for less than $600. It is true that many scope manufacturers are offering scopes at lower prices, but they almost always come up short under actual hunting conditions.

Optical equipment should be regarded as a lifetime investment. Riflescope quality is so important that we would much rather put a costly scope on a budget-priced rifle than the other way around.

Our riflescopes are made for hunters and shooters who take pride in their equipment and settle for nothing but the best. Performance and reliability is our guarantee

KING OPTICS riflescopes are the toughest, strongest, and most durably made riflescopes available today, and we stand behind this statement of fact. They can absorb the recoil from the most powerful magnum calibers and they can handle the pounding over rugged terrain in any off-road vehicle and remain on zero.

We provide the quality you demand for your money.



Beware of counterfeit and imitation products. Some scope manufacturers are trying to copy our riflescopes and our KOC reticles by placing lines and circles on their scopes. They are promoting them as long range riflescopes and are offered to consumers at bargain flea market prices. Deals like this are like purchasing an imitation ROLEX.

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