Law Enforcement



​King Optics Canada takes the role that law enforcement and special government agencies play in society very seriously. Their lives, and the lives of others, depend on the performance and reliability of the equipment that they use. Our company's mission is to provide the latest technology in new optical equipment which will take their performance to a higher level.

When it comes to professional telescopic sights, King Optics Canada has designed and developed under strict requirements and specifications, the most sophisticated, state of the art, long range telescopic sights for law enforcement and government agencies.

King Optics Canada has designed, engineered and produced long range telescopic sights that are capable of calculating distance, compensating bullet path, wind speed, and angle, with precision accordingly and instantly.

Please note: The calculations and compensation do not rely on any electronic devices. Our telescopic sights will remain on zero in the most demanding conditions, and they are made to withstand the recoil from the most powerful magnum rifles.

Special requirements and specs are available on request. We can design and build telescopic sights to match your requirements. We can also demonstrate the performance and reliability of our products upon request.