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Tactical Scopes

Highlander MP4
List Price $1699

Magnification 5x20x50mm

  • Fully Multi-coated lenses

  • Extremely bright

  • Waterproof - fog-proof-Shockroof

  • Fully adjustable elevation and windage MOA turrets

  • MOA Illuminating Reticle

  • Built in Range Finding Circles

  • 30mm Spiral body

MP4 MOA Reticle​
1/4 MOA at 100yards
  • The Highlander  MP4 Series is available with 2 different reticles.

  • The KOC III reticle and the MOA reticle

  • The KOC III reticle the center of your reticle is always the point of aim.

  • The trajectory and windage corrections can be adjusted with the turrets

  • The Range finding circles are positioned at the left side of the reticle ( circles represents 18")

  • MOA reticle is Designed to maximize long distance shooting and ranging finding abilities

  • MOA reticles can be used to effectively determine,distances, trajectories,windage corrections. 

  •  1/4 MOA adjustments are slightly more precise than 1/10 MIL

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